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Mike Raab

Currently, I'm an investor at Sinai Ventures in San Francisco, where I identify and evaluate early-stage, venture-scale investment opportunities. The best part of my job is the opportunity to speak with smart, driven people about their visions for the future, and in the best circumstances - help them build that future. Previously, I worked in a couple of different strategy roles in digital TV at 21st Century Fox in Los Angeles for ~5 years, with a good break to travel solo for a bit in between. Iā€™m originally from Chicago and studied film, business, and psychology at Northwestern University.

I value honesty, open-mindedness, and vulnerability. People and relationships are my top priority, and I'm happy to be a helpful resource to anyone if I can (with an exception that I follow the ā€œNo Asshole Rule.ā€) I enjoy taking on new challenges (less so the accompanying impostor syndrome) and hope to have a diverse career, having a positive impact on many individuals along the way. I also write for my own enjoyment and share my thoughts on a variety of topics, which you can read here.

I'm always happy to hear about new ideas and opportunities, provide feedback (please take with a grain of salt), or have a conversation about life. You can reach me at Cheers!




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